Sunday, August 24, 2008

RDU's Terminal 2 to Open October 26

RDU’s new "Terminal 2" is scheduled to open on Sunday, October 26. An Open House for the public to view the new terminal prior to the opening will be announced in a few weeks. Terminal 2 is the airport's first new passenger facility in more than 20 years. The terminal will open in two phases. The second phase will open in Winter 2011. Terminal 2 replaces Terminal C, which was built in 1987. In the mid-1990s, the airport experienced tremendous growth, which coincided with growth in the Research Triangle Region. Today, nearly 100 percent of RDU's travelers either begin or end their trip at RDU.

The new Terminal 2 is designed to provide improved airline check-in, security checkpoint and baggage claim space for the millions of travelers who pass through the airport each year. In addition, there will be more than 25 shops and restaurants. Travelers will find specialty retail shops offering high-tech gadgetry, jewelry and more. Dining options include local favorites such as 42nd St. Oyster Bar and Carolina Ale.

Terminal 2 will become home to the following airlines:
American and American Eagle
Delta and Delta Connection
United and United Express
Midwest Connect
Air Canada

“Phase Two” opens in winter 2011. At that time, the following additional airlines will then move into Terminal 2:
US Airways

Friday, August 8, 2008

Land Use & Transportation Plans, 2008-2035

Updated 10/20/08
Morrisville is updating it long term Land Use and Transportation Plans. The Town is determining how our community should grow and where transportation improvements should occur during the next 25 years. These plans will impact how you live, work, shop, and travel.

At the August 14th Open House and Public Hearing, the LUTP was presented to the Planning & Zoning Board. A number of citizens voiced concern with the Plan’s key recommendations.

There is still time for the Planning & Zoning Board as well as the Town Council to make certain that the Land Use & Transportation Plan is what citizens want.

REVISED Meeting Schedule -- all at Town Hall.

11/13/08 Planning & Zoning Board – 4th Briefing & possible Recommendation (6 pm)
12/9/08 Town Council – Open House (5:30 pm) & 1st Briefing (6:30 pm)
12/17/08 Town Council –
Public Hearing (6:30 pm)
1/13/09 Town Council – 2nd Briefing (6:30 pm)
1/27/09 Town Council – Possible Decision (6:30 pm)

Citizens may send email to the members of the two Town Boards at the following links:

The proposed Land Use & Transportation Plans may be viewed in three ways:
1 - DOWNLOAD in low-resolution PDF files from the following website link: 2008 Land Use & Transportation Plans
2 - PICK UP a CD-ROM with high-resolution PDF files from the Morrisville Planning Department.
3 - VIEW a printed copy at Morrisville Town Hall

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Park West Future Expansion?

Here is a site plan for Park West Village (Route 54 & Cary Parkway) that its developer had previously prepared. Added to the 95-acre massive mixed use center, was a large parcel at the corner of Route 54 and Morrisville Parkway. This parcel included more retail outlets and a second entrance from Morrisville Parkway. It is believed that the developer owns this corner property. What is the developer's future plans for this parcel? Will it become part of Park West Village? View the site plan on page 6 & 7 of the developer's brochure: