Friday, November 14, 2008

Land & Transportation Plan NOT What Citizens Wanted

At its meeting on November 13, the Planning & Zoning Board (P&Z) recommended that the Town Council adopt the updated Land Use & Transportation Plan (LUTP) proposed for Morrisville. The LUTP will impact how you live, work, shop, and travel for the next 25 years. However, there is citizen concern that the Plan doesn’t reflect what residents want for Morrisville. P&Z proposed that major expansion of Regional Activity Centers around the planned Park West retail and commercial complex (NC 54 & Cary Parkway) remain in the Plan.
Citizens still have an opportunity to voice opinions on the LUTP.

For more information, please click on LUTP.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Council Kit Creek Road Approval; P&Z Land & Transportation Plan Discussion Continued in November

Updated 10/28/08

At its meeting on October 9, the Planning & Zoning Board (P&Z) voted to recommend that the Town staff continue its deliberations with North Carolina’s Department of Transportation (DOT) to seek an acceptable Davis Drive Connection for the Kit Creek Community. Preferred was an alternative that will have minimal effect on existing homes as well as require considerable traffic calming measures and vehicle restrictions on Kit Creek Road. Included in the recommendation was support for pedestrian sidewalks and bike use.

The Town Council endorsed this recommendation on the Kit Creek Reconnection at its business meeting on Tuesday, October 28.

For more information click on Reconnection.

During the October 9th meeting, P&Z also continued its consideration of the proposed Land Use & Transportation Plans (LUTP) for Morrisville. However, a recommendation to the Town Council was not made. The P&Z Board will continue discussion of the LUTP at its November 13th meeting.

At this point, the consensus of P&Z was to endorse the high priority placed on the improvement and widening of Route 54. The Board also favored including the Crabtree Crossing Parkway connection in the LUTP for future consideration. In addition, support was expressed for the proposed designation of additional Regional Activity Centers (RAC) around the planned Park West Village. Consideration was also given to changing a number of the Plan’s land use designations to low-density residential.

For additional details click on LUTP.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Kit Creek Road Reconnection

The Town of Morrisville has announced that it has new information regarding the reconnection of Kit Creek Road as a part of the N.C. Turnpike Authority's Triangle Parkway project. The Town is providing additional opportunities for public input. At the request of the Planning and Zoning Board (PZB) and the Town Council (TC), consultants studied and analyzed multiple options for the reconnection. Two Open Houses will be hosted to share the findings and answer questions. All meetings will be at Town Hall Council Chambers, 100 Town Hall Drive.

First Open House
Thursday, October 9th from 5-6pm, prior to PZB meeting
Study results will be posted and Town staff and consultants will be on hand to answer any questions.

Second Open House
Tuesday, October 14th from 5:30-6:30pm, prior to TC meeting

Public Hearing & Town Council Briefing
Tuesday, October 14th at regular TC meeting; begins @ 6:30pm

Town Council Possible Decision
Tuesday, October 28th; meeting begins @ 6:30pm

For more information contact Ashley Jones of the Morrisville Planning Department at 919.463.6927 or

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Citizens Input Sought on Town’s Budget Calendar

The Morrisville Town Council invites public opinion on a new Budget Calendar and Action Plan. The proposed Plan features a calendar of events designed to encourage community involvement in the development of the Town’s Operating Budget for Fiscal Year 2010. Citizens are encouraged to voice their opinions at the special Public Input Session during the Council's meeting that starts at 6:30pm on Tuesday, September 23 at Town Hall.

To review the proposed Fiscal Year 2010 Budget Calendar & Action Plan, please click on Budget.

You may also email the Town Council at:

Sunday, August 24, 2008

RDU's Terminal 2 to Open October 26

RDU’s new "Terminal 2" is scheduled to open on Sunday, October 26. An Open House for the public to view the new terminal prior to the opening will be announced in a few weeks. Terminal 2 is the airport's first new passenger facility in more than 20 years. The terminal will open in two phases. The second phase will open in Winter 2011. Terminal 2 replaces Terminal C, which was built in 1987. In the mid-1990s, the airport experienced tremendous growth, which coincided with growth in the Research Triangle Region. Today, nearly 100 percent of RDU's travelers either begin or end their trip at RDU.

The new Terminal 2 is designed to provide improved airline check-in, security checkpoint and baggage claim space for the millions of travelers who pass through the airport each year. In addition, there will be more than 25 shops and restaurants. Travelers will find specialty retail shops offering high-tech gadgetry, jewelry and more. Dining options include local favorites such as 42nd St. Oyster Bar and Carolina Ale.

Terminal 2 will become home to the following airlines:
American and American Eagle
Delta and Delta Connection
United and United Express
Midwest Connect
Air Canada

“Phase Two” opens in winter 2011. At that time, the following additional airlines will then move into Terminal 2:
US Airways

Friday, August 8, 2008

Land Use & Transportation Plans, 2008-2035

Updated 10/20/08
Morrisville is updating it long term Land Use and Transportation Plans. The Town is determining how our community should grow and where transportation improvements should occur during the next 25 years. These plans will impact how you live, work, shop, and travel.

At the August 14th Open House and Public Hearing, the LUTP was presented to the Planning & Zoning Board. A number of citizens voiced concern with the Plan’s key recommendations.

There is still time for the Planning & Zoning Board as well as the Town Council to make certain that the Land Use & Transportation Plan is what citizens want.

REVISED Meeting Schedule -- all at Town Hall.

11/13/08 Planning & Zoning Board – 4th Briefing & possible Recommendation (6 pm)
12/9/08 Town Council – Open House (5:30 pm) & 1st Briefing (6:30 pm)
12/17/08 Town Council –
Public Hearing (6:30 pm)
1/13/09 Town Council – 2nd Briefing (6:30 pm)
1/27/09 Town Council – Possible Decision (6:30 pm)

Citizens may send email to the members of the two Town Boards at the following links:

The proposed Land Use & Transportation Plans may be viewed in three ways:
1 - DOWNLOAD in low-resolution PDF files from the following website link: 2008 Land Use & Transportation Plans
2 - PICK UP a CD-ROM with high-resolution PDF files from the Morrisville Planning Department.
3 - VIEW a printed copy at Morrisville Town Hall

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Park West Future Expansion?

Here is a site plan for Park West Village (Route 54 & Cary Parkway) that its developer had previously prepared. Added to the 95-acre massive mixed use center, was a large parcel at the corner of Route 54 and Morrisville Parkway. This parcel included more retail outlets and a second entrance from Morrisville Parkway. It is believed that the developer owns this corner property. What is the developer's future plans for this parcel? Will it become part of Park West Village? View the site plan on page 6 & 7 of the developer's brochure:

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Commissioners Keep District Residence Requirements

At its meeting on July 22, the Board voted to deny the proposal eliminating all District residency requirements for Commissioners. The recommendation (please seen item dated July 15, 2008 below) to have all members of the Board elected as “At-Large” Commissioners was rejected (the current Town Ordinance will remain unchanged). The next Town election in November 2009 will be for Mayor, a council member residing in District 2, one in District 4, and one “At-Large” member (residing anywhere in Morrisville).

The Board did vote to change its designation from a “Board of Commissioners” to a “Town Council.” Effective September 1, the Commissioners will be known as Council Members.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Should We Eliminate District Residence Requirements for Commissioners?

The Morrisville Board of Commissioners is considering eliminating the current format of district representation and changing to an all “At-Large” mode for electing Board Members. The Board is looking for your input on this issue prior to their vote on July 22, 2008.

Currently, the Board consists of four district seats, who must reside in the district that they represent, two At-Large seats, who may reside anywhere within the town limits, and a Mayor, who is also At-Large. During an election, however, all residents can vote for all available seats on the Board, regardless of whether they are district-based or at-large. Also, regardless of any initial district designation, Commissioners are responsible for representing ALL of Morrisville. If this resolution is approved by the Board on July 22, district designations would be eliminated starting with the next election, and every Board member would be At-Large, meaning that they could live anywhere within Morrisville’s town limits.

Our next Town election is November 2009. The Mayor and three of the Commissioner seats are up for election. Under the proposed change, the three candidates receiving the greatest number of votes would be elected Commissioners. It is possible that all three elected may reside in the same district.

If unchanged for 2009, the current system would require that one Commissioner reside in District 2, one in District 4, and one be At-Large (reside anywhere in Morrisville). Under this setup there is a greater possibility that one or two candidates may run unopposed for their District.

Citizens can weigh in on this issue by emailing the Board at

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Vision of Morrisville

In a speech at the Chamber of Commerce, Morrisville’s Mayor promoted the commercial development of retail “big box” stores, offices, apartments and restaurants. We don’t believe that this vision is shared by the majority of residents. It is contrary to our Town’s “Mission” and “Vision” Statements, which is “dedicated to preserving quality of life” and to “preserve small-town values.” Also, it is not supported by Morrisville’s limited road, water, sewer, and stormwater infrastructure.

Morrisville’s commercial development of 43% far exceeds surrounding neighborhoods: Cary 26%, Apex 18%, Raleigh 29%, Wake Forest 20%, and Holly Springs 9%. With recent Board approvals, rental apartments will soon exceed owner-occupied residences. Many perceive the Board has “never finding a development it didn’t like.” Morrisville is only about 10 square miles. How many high-density commercial services, stores, offices and apartment buildings can we squeeze in? This is not community building, and it is not acceptable.

Morrisville’s great appeal is primarily as a residential community of attractive one-family homes in highly desirable neighborhoods. Within minutes, we provide access to all services. We are in close proximity to major employment centers, prime recreational facilities and key transportation hubs and arteries. Our residents in owner-occupied homes provide a vital and sizeable tax base. Maintaining and enhancing Morrisville as a prime residential community is the “vision” we should be seeking.